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Bonus Ride 2

Endurance zones are some of the hardest to train because we get bored! These long intervals require a great playlist, your favourite show streaming on the TV or closing your eyes and picturing you riding in a place you love.

This ride involves long steady intervals to work your aerobic system. Remember: stay engaged with your bike. We don't ride with no hands outside....let's not do it during training either. Focus on breathing and stay relaxed.

20 minute warm up. Use harder/easier intervals to wake your legs and find your push point.

2 minutes for set up and quick readjustments. Stay in your small ring for this ride. Add tension of about 1.5% on your trainer.

10 minutes Zone 2 80-90 Rpm

10 minutes Zone 3 90-100 Rpm

5 minutes Zone 4 60-70 Rpm

15 minutes Zone 3 90-100Rpm

10 minutes Zone 2 70-80 Rpm

10 minutes cool down.

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